Flight Lead Upgrade

Lead Pilot Qualification Requirements
· Private Pilot Certificate
· 500 hours total time (350 hours for current or former CFI*, military or airline IP)
· 30 hours logged formation time as a credentialed Wing Pilot
· Demonstrated proficiency in each position of a 4-ship
· Complete formal Lead upgrade training program
· Current member of an FAA* recognized formation organization
· Practical test recommendation by a current Lead Pilot
· Successfully complete practical test
*or non-US, country equivalent

RPA Formation Manual - this is your bible!

RPA/FAST Formation Training Record: Flight Lead - this is your training record

RPA/FAST Recommendation Form - give this to your flight lead for your rec ride.

RPA/FAST Checkride Form - give this to your check pilot for your check ride.

RPA/FAST Formation Proficiency Report (FPR) - give to your flight lead for your annual formation proficiency flight