I can't log on - how do I get help?
First, try to retrieve your password, if you can't give the required information to accomplish this, email us at [email protected]

Why does the website only take up about 1/3rd of the screen width?
Its designed for smaller screens which are still the majority out there (800X600).

What are the dues to join the RPA?
Membership is $50 for a calendar year (January through December) for non FAST pilots and $55 for FAST patched pilots.  This is a flat rate and is not pro-rated based on when you join.  The only exception to this is folks who join after November 1st of the current calendar year.  This is a grace period and their membership will be good through December of the following year.  Additionally, you will receive an email alert a few weeks before membership is set to expire reminding you to renew and enjoy the full year of member benefits.

How do I vote for a Director or National Officer? Or Nominate a candidate?
You can learn a lot from visiting the "Governance" section of the website!  Voting for Directors is now doen via electronic ballot that comes in your email as an ECom. During the 30 day election window, the RPA will send out at least two such ecoms. 

All these and more are listed under LIBRARY.

Do I have to wear a flight suit to fly at RPA events?
Flight suits are ONLY REQUIRED during Formation Training sorties conducted at RPA events. However,we strongly urge you to wear a nomex flight suit during all your flying in your warbird. You will find just about everyone who attends RPA Fly-Ins is in a flight suit. It's an important piece of safety equipment that if maintained, may save your skin during an aircraft accident/fire. Besides, where else are you going to put the formation or membership patch?

Do I have to wear a parachute when flying at RPA events?
Only if you are conducting formation training with a backseat instructor (or occupant), in this case you must have a parachute for both seats with current repack as directed by Federal Aviation Regulations concerning aerobatics. Almost all RPA FormationTraining sorties will meet the definition of aerobatic flight due to maneuvers flown, so we are meeting the regs. If you don't have a chute for your backseat for the RPA FAST fly-in, let the organizer know, often we can share and cover folks' needs.

Do I have to wear a helmet when flying in RPA events?
No. Helmets are optional, but recommended.

Can I get a FAST card from the RPA?
Yes, we are a FAST signatory. Just head to the TRAINING tab and download the formation manual and other documents for self study to start you off on the road to formation flying. RPA events usually provide the FAST ground school. If you are a member now and just need a FAST card, email us at [email protected]

Can I get a waiver to bypass the training to Wing certification or to the one year delay between wing and lead if I'm a military formation qualified pilot?
Due to the differances in the programs (military to FAST), we generally do not give waivers in FAST. You can apply to be patched as an RPA backseat formation instructor even as a wingman in the FAST program however (while waiting on the one year wing to lead protocal).

Are there any minimum experience requirements for a FAST rating?
Yes, please download the "FF&P" from the formation room for a complete list.

Does the RPA teach dog fighting or "ACM" ?
No. It's the position of the Board that the recent negative impact of "dog fighting" on the T-34 aircraft could be repeated in our community and to then protect our insurance coverage and right to fly, the RPA will not teach full up, close in Dog Fighting and definitely does not recommend its members using their aircraft for this activity. The RPA does teach advanced formation skills and events geared around the tactical employment of their aircraft, but Rules of Engagement (ROE) omits dog fighting.

Why should I use a CFI from the RPA national database?
Although it is up to you to ensure your CFI is current and qualified, the instructors on the national CFI database either come recommended by other members, or have come forward stating they are either RedStar aircraft owners or have extensive experience in training pilots in our aircraft. The insurance brokers, such as LGA/Cannon Aviation and Tom Johnson have been briefed on the program and are supporting it.

What discounts can I expect from the Insurance industry?
The insurance industry has several discounts for such things as completing the proscribed minimum hours of dual instruction with a CFI, completing your FAST rating, and attending a minimum number of RPA events. Some of our members also have approved maintenance courses in the Yak 52 and other aircraft that can also result in insurance discounts. Call your insurance broker and speak with him/her, and then email the RPA and tell us how they are treating you...

I would like to advertise my company to members, how do I go about it?
Contact us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help you.

I am a member, but don't get the EComs in my email, why not?
If the email address you log in with is your active address, it most lieky is your email software and/or PC security software. EComs are HTML based email, and although assured virus free, many modern software (email/security) have security settings that will block HTML email. You can alter these settings in your software by selecting "properties" and allowing HTML email. If you do this, we recommend never opening HTML based email from unknown sources. RPA EComs will clearly state they are from the RedStar Pilots Association. Regardless, our ECom system will send you a text only version of the ECom if you system rejects HTML code and it contains a link to click and see the full color ecom via a web page displayed on your browser.