What To Bring

What To Bring To An RPA Event

Besides a great attitude...

All RPA events, from All Red Star in the West, Oliver in the North, Georgetown in the East, to Waycross in the South are a great time for any RPA member or potential member.

If you are heading to the event, here is what you should consider bringing with you:

  • A check book! The RPA events typically have a small event fee to cover costs.
  • Your airmans certificate, medical, and experimental aircraft documents - we don't inspect, but lets carry them in case the local FSDO has a need to do a ramp check.
  • If you are involved in Formation flying at an RPA event, please bring and wear a flight suit! Although you can wear street clothes to an RPA event/Clinic, you will find that just about everyone has a flight suit on when around the ramp at RPA events. Just put "pilot flight suit" in Ebay and you will get a ton of hits. 
  • If you will have an RPA instructor on board providing FAST, Aerobatics or Tactical formation training, please bring a parachute. The FARS require a parachute for the backseater as our formation flying meets FAR definitions of aerobatic flight.
  • A spouse or friend in your backseat! That's right - all are welcome at RPA fly-ins.
  • Tiedown ropes, a small tool kit, and maybe a small air bottle. All these items "should" be at the clinic, but be prepared! You could be parked on the grass, and those metric open face wrenches come in handy!
  • Clothing and a jacket for those cool nights.
  • Sunscreen and chapstick!  You'll thanks us for that reminder.


  • If your aircraft is used in dual seat formation training, these apply:
  • Front to rear communication capability.
  • Rear cockpit radio transmission capability - so your backseater can transmit out if the need arises.
  • Aircraft in good working order - now that's a no brainer! - Fly safe!