Board of Directors

Elected Officers and Directors

The RedStar Pilots Association is fully democratic!

The Board is made of 9 members elected by the membership. Terms last three years. The Board of Directors then take member nominations for National Officer positions and elect the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. National Officers also serve for 3 years. Please see the "Elections" section for a complete discription of the Nomination and Election process for Directors and National Officers.

Brief History of the RedStar Pilots Association:

Originally started as the Yak Pilots Club (YPC) founded by Bud Harrell in 1993 with approximately 18 members operating the Nanchang CJ-6A aircraft. The membership expanded to over 200 by 1999 when leadership transitioned to Mike Filucci who established the organization as a non profit named the Yak Pilots Association (YPA) and signed on as signatory to FAST, the Formation And Safety Team program. The membership climbed to approximately 280 members, most operating the CJ-6 and Yak-52 aircraft. In 2002, Drew Blahnick was elected President of the YPA, and through a national referendum, changed the name to the RedStar Pilots Association (RPA) and modified the charter to insure the organization was fully inclusive of both prop and jet aircraft of all types. The RPA then ushered in a new set of bylaws and overhauled the infrstructure (web, magazine, online store) to form a regionalized organization to support growth. Membership has grown to over 450 with members operating all types of jet and prop aircraft. In 2007, Darrell Gary was elected President and Operations Officer by the Board of Directors for a three year term in accordance with the Bylaws.  Following Darrell came Terry Slawinsky who served as president for 5 years.  Our current president of the RPA is Hartley Postlethwaite and today's membership stands at over 500 including approximately 50 overseas.



Hartley Postlethwaite, V

1841 Northbridge Ln
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 619 861-3151

Vice President

Gil Lipaz

1917 Livonia Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 310-245-7078


Wayne Michelli

PO Box 1665
Kingsport, TN 37662
Phone: 423-967-4960


Hank Gibson

603 Plantation Drive
Middleburg, FL 32068
Phone: 904-738-3240

Southwest Director

Scott Andrews

909 N. Barkley
Mesa, AZ 85203
Phone: 602-705-4413

Southcentral Director

Ron Penrose

9117 Fontana
Prairie Village, KS 66207
Phone: 913-707-8910

Northcentral Director

Daniel Booker

5994 Baldwin Ave
Newaygo, MI 49337
Phone: 2312457798

Southeast Director

Jon Blake

207 Sawgrass Drive
Dothan, AL 36303
Phone: 334-791-5690

Northeast Director

Robert Mortara

3 Cirrus Lane
Pittstown, NJ 08867
Phone: 908 788-4976

National Director 1

Mike Carter

Southwest Airlines
2526 W Praiano Way
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone: 623-521-2328

National Director 2

Scott Glaser

3550 Felsite Avenue
Rosamond, CA 93560
Phone: 661-754-2732

National Director 3

Richard Hess

International Jets, Inc.
17 Standard Court NW
Cartersville, GA 30121
Phone: 404-964-4885