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3 CJ Maintenance Tool PDFs [3 CE5]


RPA Nanchang CJ-6A expert Craig Payne has written three invaluable maintenance tools for your CJ. (A) A detailed Annual Condition Inspection Checklist for CJs equipped with either the Huosai 285HP or the Russian M-14P. (B) Magneto Timing Procedures For Mechanics This procedure is a supplement to your engine manual and can be used for both automatic advance type magnetos like the M9-25B, M9-35B and Chinese CD-5 used on the AI-14RA/RC and Huosai engines. Use also for the fixed advance type magneto such as the Russian M-9F, used on the M-14P. (C) Maintenance and Operation Tips for the CJ-6A. Craig's hard won wisdom covering radials, starting, oil, oil cooler, ignition, valve lash, and the pneumatic system." A wealth of information. Downloaded to you in PDF files. All three for $15.00.