Pilot Kit Bag

What should you bring if you're heading to an RPA Fly-In or Public Airshow to fly mass formation or aerobatics?


If your airshow is conducted under a 7711 Waiver granted by the FAA (waivered airspace), there will be an FAA designated Inspector In Charge (IIC) who has a the responsibility of "safety oversight" of the aviation event. According to FAA regulation 8700.1/CH50 he/she may ask to see:


Airman Certificate
A current Medical Certificate
A valid Letter of Authorization in lieu of a type rating if applicable (large radials & jets)
A current statement of Aerobatic Competency if applicable
A current FAST Formation Card if applicable

The aircraft general condition*
*(to include fuselage required decals, N numbers and instrument markings)

Aircraft Airworthiness and Registration certificates

The Aircraft Operating Limitations


Everything thats applicable to the above should be brought to RPA events. If you are flying in formation training and display missions at RPA Fly-Ins and Clinics, either as instructor, student or flight member, we ask that you wear a fire retardant flight suit. If you will have an RPA instructor in the backseat, please be aware that aircraft manuevers will meet the definition of aerobatic flight and both occupants will need to have a parachute with current repack date IAW applicable FARS.

Although the Flight Suit policy only applies to Formation flying, new members will find that nearly 100% of attendees at RPA Fly-Ins apply this extremely important piece of safety gear to their general warbird flying. With all the pockets for water bottles, notepads and cell phones, along with velcro for your patches, the flight suit is the Swiss Army Knife for aviators...

For more information on where to find and register to attend RPA Fly-Ins, please see the events section of flyredstar....