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The RedStars Program Guide


What is RedStars?

A Precision Warbird Mass Formation Display Team. We are actually several teams across the Uited States, staffed by FAA qualified warbird formation pilots that have been trained and evaluated to the standards of the RedStar Pilots Association (RPA), a member of the National FAA Formation And Safety Team (FAST).

The RedStar Pilots Association, a Federal Non Profit 501(c)(3), connects Airshows with our teams from California to Maine and in to Canada. Our pilot's own and operate such radial engine aircraft as the Nanchang CJ-6, Yak 52/50, and L-39/29 Jets. The RPA is a recognized leader in the FAA civil formation credential program and author of the National Formation Training Manual and manages the RedStars Mass Formation Program.

RedStar has fielded some of the largest such demonstrations from Oshkosh to SunnFun, and all sized airshows in between. Teams range from 5 aircraft to 25, and are determined by the organizers needs and RedStar volunteers. Shows generally include multiple passes in front of your audience in varied military formation configurations to include "Finger-Four", "Echelon" and "Diamond", and generally include opposing solo and opposing team maneuvers that are unique to the RedStars performance. These demonstrations are non-aerobatic and display the precision flying capabilites of RPA formation qualified pilots. Missing man formations are also available for memorial services and funerals.

What Are The Pilot Support Requirements?

Due to our unique radial engine aircraft, our standard support requirements are, on average, 30-50% less costly in aviation fuel than our North American counterparts, which means significant savings for the airshow! All Airshows hosting RedStars Formation Teams must agree to a standard support package consisting of:

  • Fuel, Engine and Smoke Oil on arrival, after each demonstration, and on departure.
  • Billeting in a local hotel
  • Transportation support for all flying team members
  • nclusion in any performer meal voucher programs provided

What are the Performer Compensation Requirements?

The performer rate is $250 per display day per pilot, payable in one check made out to the RedStar Pilots Association after the final display or conclusion of the airshow and presented to the RedStars Flight Lead or designated RedStars Airshow Liaison. No fee is required for friday arrival and practice, or for special requests such as media interviews, etc. Pilots are only compensated for the days they perform for your audience. Our teams may fly more than one show per day if requested for no extra cost. This is a valuable tool to the airshow, which may experience a fall out in the schedule and need to rapidly call on RedStars to assist in meeting their real-time needs. With the number of aircraft and pilots available both in the air and on the ramp (for your static line, media needs and audience interaction), RedStars is a unique value in the airshow industry.

For planing pursposes, for a Friday arrival and flying a Saturday single day airshow, The RedStars team would require the following in direct pilot compensation:

Team Size: / Cost per display day:

Six / $1,500

Eight / $2,000

Ten / $2,500

Twelve: $3,000

Are there any other fees involved?

The RPA requires a $500 administrative fee payable to the RedStar Pilots Association, to be recieved at the time of booking and acceptance of the RedStars Letter of Agreement (generally no less than 30 days prior to show date). Although a required fee, the RedStar Pilots Association is a Federal Non Profit organization and this fee is used as a donation towards our pilot educational and flight safety programs for our nearly 500 member-pilots. Again, the RPA is a Federal 501(c)(3), so your fee may be fully tax deductible.

Please Note: The RedStars booking fee will be refunded immediately if RedStars does not perform, for any reason under our control, with at least four aircraft on all days agreed upon as specified in your Letter of Agreement, regardless if the remainder of your RedStars team performs or not. This means if you booked an eight ship for Saturday and Sunday, but on Sunday, for any reason other than weather, we could not fly at least four aircraft in the performance, your $500 is refunded. Of course, you only pay direct compensation for the specific pilots flying in the show each display day, you do not pay for the team as a whole.

What is the average size of the teams?

You may request as many as you like from 4 to 14 (larger numbers may be available based on location). However, our optimum team size is 8 to10 aircraft. Although we will fly any pattern you request (race tracks, dog bones, etc.) our typical display is concentrated at show center with two groups of aircraft flying rapid, opposing passes in formation. This is a much more interesting display then traditional "race track" warbird mass formations.

Letter of Agreement

If you would like to book a team for your airshow, simply email Zoe Albrecht or call her office at 620-704-6909. She will work with you on your airshow needs. We have a standard Letter of Agreement that both parties will sign when the team is scheduled.

What Can I Expect After scheduling a RedStars Team for my Airshow?

You can expect to be contacted by the Zoe or the team's designated Airshow Liaison to coordinate specific details for the upcoming event.

Coordination that may take place include:

1. Transfer of Airshow schedule and itinerary

2. Special arrival procedures, Airfield layout & parking plan

3. Any special 7711-1 Waiver requirements

4. Support details - hotel and transportation information

5. Insurance requirements and "Additionally Insured" requests by airshow

6. FSDO Inspector In Charge (IIC) special requirements if any



Are you looking for a Missing Man Formation for your memorial service, veterans funeral or other worthy event? The RPA and RedStars Mass Formation Teams can help. Please contact us at If you would like to add your Funeral service request to the website airshow schedule and possibly place a print ad in our quarterly magazine. Although veterans events may be conducted without cost, some events may require specific support costs, such as aviation fuel, to be covered by the host. Please email your needs, we are here to help the families of our veterans who have begun their journey West.