Redstar Pilots Association Gallery

The members of our organization are proud of their aircraft and take great care in preserving and flying the machinery that carry such historical significance. We encourage you to view some of the images of the aircraft our members have flown, owned and fought by visiting the links below. If you have an image to contribute, please do so on the corresponding pages.


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AirVenture 2017
45 photos
MiG 17PF at Lancaster, PA. Photos by Mike Brown. Pilot:Randy Ball
8 photos
Sun 'n Fun 2017
48 photos
Porterville 2017
16 photos
Swamp Fest - October 2017
48 photos
Desert Thunder 2017
34 photos
Falcon Field Formation Flying Clinic - 2018 Photos by Jay Selman
65 photos
Swamp Thunder, Waycross 2018 photos by Chris Dilley
55 photos
Swamp Thunder, Waycross 2018 photos by Ron Malec
22 photos
Swamp Thunder, Waycross 2018 photos by Jay Selman
29 photos
All Red Star 2018
22 photos
Columbus, Indiana - Photos by Mike Oberthur;
37 photos
Music City Mingle 2018 from the ground - Photos by Mike Oberthur;
71 photos
3 photos
Aero Vodochody
45 photos
12 photos
Nanchang CJ6A
187 photos
5 photos
33 photos
60 photos