Meeting/Event Information

Swamp Fest Invitation

February 15, 2018 2:00 PM EST to February 18, 2018 9:00 AM EST

Waycross Regional Airport
Waycross, GA

Swamp Thunder Invitation

I changed the name to distinguish between the spring (Thunder) and the fall (Fest) events. 

Who: RPA Members, but others are invited regardless of formation ratings or type airplane. We had a couple RV guys at the last event and they worked in nicely.  You don't even need to be a pilot to enjoy the weekend. There were a couple of other types too, but we didn’t get the opportunity to see them work, so come one come all and we’ll sort it out.

 When: 15-18 Feb 2018. Arrive before 1500 on Thursday, 15 Feb for registration and to begin academic training. Depart Sunday, 18 Feb.  Detailed schedule TBP.

 Where: Waycross, GA (KAYS)

 Training: Training events:

 - Need to know who needs what. Reply back to me ONLY ME not to all please with the specific training you need along with your experience. For example: “I’m a fairly new guy who has flown a few formation hops with my buddy, but need the basic ground school and progression through the gates. The goal is to obtain my wing card by May.” Or “I’m an experienced wingman, but would like to upgrade to flight lead. I’ve got about 200 hours as wingman and have been practicing leading two and four ship missions.” Or “I’ve done it all and sometimes I’m called “Sky God” and would like advance to the next level of organizing a mini-clinic.” I’m being somewhat serious here and I’ll explain when I see you at Waycross.

 - If you need basic formation ground school sound off, if so it will start Thursday evening. NOTE: You MUST download print then read and study the RPA Formation Manual from the RPA Website ( or you may purchase it from the RPA Store.  Also, you need to practice as much as possible prior to the clinic. Point being, DO NOT come to the clinic with no prior formation training or experience and expect to leave with a wing card. Being a competent and safe formation pilot requires extensive training and practice.

  - Our NEW SE Region Flight Ops Officer Maria will battle roster crews and begin scheduling flights Thursday afternoon.  Flight ops for FNGs will begin Friday morning following a MANDATORY safety briefing.  We will begin with two-ship ops progressing to four-ship parade formations.  NEW SOP:  IF YOU'VE FLOWN ANY TWO SHIP MISSIONS IN THE PRECEEDING TWO WEEKS, YOU MAY BEGIN FOUR SHIP OPS UPON ARRIVAL.  These must be full-up RPA manevers right out of the manual...not just station keeping.  Remember the intent of this clinic is to knock of the winter rust in preparation for full up ops by Sun N Fun in April, so we’re gonna start slow and work up... all of us. 


 - Lodging: I’ve blocked rooms at three hotels (10 at each)… you pick and make your own reservations  just ask for the “Redstar Pilot’s” and they’ll give you the discounted rate plus tax.

 - Holiday Inn Express discounted at $95 per night; includes a full breakfast. 912-548-0720

- Quality Inn discounted at $60 per night; includes continental breakfast. 912-283-4490

- Hampton Inn discounted at $90 per night; includes full breakfast. 912-285-5515

 Ground Transportation Provided: I’ll need some help with drivers.

 Lunch: Friday and Saturday lunch is catered with a cold cut buffet of roast beef, ham, turkey and chicken salad sandwiches, and fruit including side items and tea (loads of Southern sweet tea!). Cost is included with the event fee.

 Dinner: For Friday night it is NO HOST, but Pappy knows of a great Italian restaurant near the hotel. Saturday night there will be a low country boil, with burgers, dogs, etc at the hanger with guest speaker and presentations.

 Fuel and Hangers: Discounted fuel as well as hangers for $10/night. First come first serve on hangers.

 Fees/Costs: At this writing, the expected event fee that includes all of the above is less than $100… but still TBD depending on the RSVP number…

FINALLY, I need you to RSVP to me… VFR DIRECT to me if you are planning to attend along with your training needs… NOT LATER THAN 1 Feb.

 Jon “Saber” Blake


$0.00 Member Registration

$0.00 Guest Registration